Screw oil pressing machine
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Screw oil pressing machine

Screw oil pressing machine

Brief Introduction This machine type can press copra, sesame, walnut, sunflower seed, peanut, rapeseed, soybean, and so on. It has micro electric contr

Brief Introduction

This machine type can press copra, sesame, walnut, sunflower seed, peanut, rapeseed, soybean,
and so on. It has micro electric control, infrared heating, vacuum filter, triple squeezing and multi-stage pressing. The product oil after filter can be used directly. It is cold and hot amphibious type.

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
6YL-80 80-150kg/h 8.05KW 760kg 1650*1150*1750
6YL-100 150-250kg/h 11.6KW 950kg 1950*1300*1900
6YL-120 200-300kg/h 15.8KW 1100kg 2050*1350*2000
6YL-130 250-400kg/h 21KW 1300kg 2200*1600*2150
6YL-160 400-600kg/h 24.7KW 1600kg 2500*1600*2500

Main Spare Parts

Worm, squeezing head, worm shaft, cage bar, heater ring, cake outlet, vacuum filter. 


1. High oil yielding, low oil residual in the cake:The oil left in cake is less than 6%. The 
cake thickness can be adjusted once the machine stops running;
2. Compact size: only 10-20m2 is enough.
3. High purity: machine surface is made of chrome plated stainless steel, in line with food 
hygiene standards.
4. Easy operation. You should operate as per the instruction. 

Operating Principle

1.When oil press is on work, material enters the extruding chamber from the hopper and 
then moves forwards by the rotating pressing screw and is pressed.
2.Under high temperature condition in the chamber, there is quite strong friction among 
press screw, chamber and the oil materials. 
3.On the other hand, root diameter of the pressing screw carries larger from one end to the other.
4.Hence when rotating, the thread not only pushes particles moving forwards but also 
turns them outwards as well.
5.Meanwhile, particles adjacent the screw will rotate along with screw’s rotating, causing every particle inside the chamber to possess different speed.
6.Therefore, relative movement among particles creates neat which is necessary during 
manufacturing because of helping protein change property, damage colloid, increase 
plasticity, decrease oil’s elasticity, resulting in high oil. 

Machine Advantage

1.Saving labor:
It can save 60% labor for equal output and 40% labor cost per day for one or two people are able to make production.
It can be used to completely press more than 20 kinds of oil crops, such as peanuts,
sesame, vegetable seeds, soybean, oil sunflower and flax by third levels for one time.
3.Pure oil quality:
The  bag filter is used to remove residue so as to ensure the pure oil quality and meet the
standard of health quarantine.
4. Using vacuum filter, it is able to simply filter the crude oil after pressing.
5. It is able to save labour, about 60%. One or two person is for per machine.
6. Protection the environment, comparing with the traditional oil press machine, it is about
to meet the standard of green environment. 

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