10-50TPD semi-continuous refining section
  • Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China
10-50TPD semi-continuous refining section

10-50TPD semi-continuous refining section

Typically, the edible oil refining plant can be divided into three main types: batch oil refining, semi-continuous refining and continuous refining. Ch

Typically, the edible oil refining plant can be divided into three main types: batch oil refining, semi-continuous refining and continuous refining. Choosing which type for your edible oil refining line should assess the capacity, the purpose of final refined oils and detailed refining process.

Semi-continuous oil refinery can fit small scale and medium scale edible oil refining plant. It is efficient and can be designed based on customer’s requests. The common daily capacity of semi-continuous edible oil refinery plant is from 10 TPD to 50 TPD. It also can process a variety of crude oils, including crude plant oils and animal oils.

The main processes of oil refining workshop: degumming.dehydration.bleaching.deacidification.deodorization.dewaxing.degrease. Pressed crude oil and extracted crude oil produced by refining workshop can reach national standards of high quality edible oil.
Refining workshop process: whole continuous refining equipment.semi continuous refining equipment and intermittent refining equipment.
Characteristics of oil refining process:
1.Continuous alkali refining can shorten the contact time of oil and alkali.reduce oil saponification.less consumption and improve the efficiency.
2.Decolorization combines premix and steam mixing decolorization that enhances the decolorization effect and saves the amount of clay. The operation is simple and convenient. The state of negative pressure avoids contact of hot oil with oxygen in the air.ensures the oil quality and inhibits the rise of acid value and lowers peroxide value.
3.Physical refining adopts the new type of continuous deacidification and deodorization.suitable for plant oil with high acid value and low resin content. Actual production proves that the process has the following advantages: good acid removal ability.good thermal decoloration effect.high rate of refining and better oil quality.
4.The process has multiple heat exchange that makes full use of the system heat source.effectively reduces the steam consumption. It can also be adjusted with flexible operation.automation.environmental sanitation and so on.
Application of oil plants:
soybean oil.sunflower oil.rapeseed oil.cottonseed oil.peanut oil.palm oil.copra oil.rice bran oil and other oil that need to be refined.

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