1000TPD-3000TPD Soybean Oil Making Project
  • Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China
1000TPD-3000TPD Soybean Oil Making Project

1000TPD-3000TPD Soybean Oil Making Project

Specifications: 20T/D----1000T/D (daily processing capacity for 24 hours) The whole production line contains three workshops pretreatmentprepressing wo

Specifications: 20T/D----3000T/D (daily processing capacity for 24 hours)

The whole production line contains three workshops pretreatment&prepressing workshop,oil extraction workshop and oil refining workshop,that are suitable for all kinds of oil seeds, such as sunflower seed, rice bran, copra,palm,soybean, corn germ,cottonseed,peanut,rapeseed, sesame seed and so on.

How to Start Your Own Soybean Oil Production Line?
Soybean is one of the annual plants of leguminosae, which produces about 50% of the world's oil. Soybean oil content is about 10%~20%. Soybean oil produced by soybean is one of the important edible oils in the world. It is semi-drying oil and is a good vegetable oil. Soybean oil is an important source of unsaturated fatty acids in the body, which can lower cholesterol, and also has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Refined soybean oil is mainly for consumption. 
Although soybean oil has large market, but it is not easy as you think to start a new business of soybean oil. For most customers, a Small Scale Soybean Oil Processing Plant may be the the best choice to step into vegetable oil processing industry. First of all, you should have an overall analysis on this soybean oil manufacturing industry. Certainly, the sustained financial support is all to start. As for the detailed information about how to set up a soybean oil production line in small scale, there we offer several considerations for your reference.

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