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 Our company can do turnkey project of the whole oil production line equipment, such as cleaning materials, pretreatment, extraction, refining, processing and populate the by-products, such as engineering, protein engineering, feed equipment) development of the company and the domestic research institutions and agencies, used in the oil production technology is suitable for various large and small oil refineries.

Pre-sale service:
1.24 hours online response to customer inquiries and information
2. According to the requirements of customers, choose the most suitable model for customers
3. Provide detailed machine specifications, pictures and the best ex-factory price.

After-sales service:
1. Except wearing parts, 12 months warranty
2. A detailed English user manual will be published with the machine
3. Broken parts with quality problems (except wearing parts) will be sent free of charge
4. Respond to customers' technical problems in time
5. New product update for customers' reference


1.30-1000T / D rice bran pretreatment, expanding, extraction project
2.30-600T / D rice bran oil refining project
3.150-1000T / D cottonseed dephenolizing protein
4.10-1000T / D palm fruit oil pressing project
5.10-2000T / D corn deep processing project
6.30-5000T / D oilseeds pretreatment project
7.30-5000T / D oilseeds extraction project
8.10-500T / D crude oil refining project
9.10-500T / D crude oil fractionation project
10.Oil interesterification project
11.Oilseeds protein, phospholipids project
12.Concentrated protein extraction technology
We can undertake customized projects.

Reasons to choose us:

good faith
transport fast 
factory price
professional service

Some Products

  • Cotton Seed Oil Press
    Cotton Seed Oil Press

    Depilatedcottonseedsievingpressfilterpureoil 1.Cottonseedsonlycanbehotpressed,anditisbettertofrycottonseedafteritisdepilateduntiltheblack shellisexposed.Thetemperatureisnormallycontrolledaround125℃.

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  • Corn Germ Oil Production Line
    Corn Germ Oil Production Line

    Corn Germ degermingscreeningMagneticseparation-softeningRollingembryos fryingpressingfilteringrefiningedible cornoil Craftfeaturesofcornsheller: 1.Continuousalkalirefiningshortenscontacttimebetweenoila

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  • Castor Oil Processing Equipment
    Castor Oil Processing Equipment

    Castor Oil Mill Capacity: 3T-5000T/D Oilseedsscope also :soybean,ricebran,peanut,sesame,sunflowerseed,rapeseed,cottonseed,corngerm,copra,castorbeanandsoon. Castor Oilprocessing equipment including: Oil

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